With business process automation that continuously offers consistently excellent customer service, Drupal QuickBooks Integration applications can nurture increased customer loyalty. Order processing is faster, and consumers have access to a variety of account information, such as order history and delivery options, making it simple to place complex orders. The following automated processes are examples of how ERP software integration works in practise:

  • An eCommerce website is visited by customers and prospects.
  • A record of the visit is created and transformed into a Drupal and Quickbooks-compatible format (Contact record -> Activity log).
  • A Customer Record and a Sales Order are automatically generated when a sale is made.
  • Visitor activity is watched and stored so that bespoke displays, marketing messages, recommendations, and content curation can be created based on user profiles.
  • For evaluation, fulfilment, and delivery, Sales Orders and Quotes are delivered to the appropriate staff.
  • The shipping information is transformed into understandable formats and sent to the online store.
  • Real-time inventory numbers are updated.